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Nothing beats travelling somewhere warm for vacation. Whether you’re escaping the winter blues or just want a change of scenery, the thought of sitting on a beach somewhere with an icy drink and a new book is forever appealing. What’s NOT particularly appealing though is the humid weather that usually accompanies these dreamy destinations. Waking up with crazy, frizzy hair, sweating through every article of clothing you own, and, of course, that unavoidable chafing everywhere – it can ruin an otherwise lovely holiday. With a little pre-planning, here are six tips for travelling in humid weather in style.

6 tips for travelling in humid weather in style (it IS possible!)

1. Buy the right fabric

Think carefully about the kind of fabric you choose to wear in humid weather. Not all fabric is made equal. A lot of cheaper clothes are made with polyester or other manmade, unbreathable material. This means your skin won’t have a chance to breathe, and that sweat build up will feel gross. Instead, look for light, natural fabrics in light colors like cotton or linen. These let your skin breathe and will overall help you stay cooler.

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2. Carry a small fan

I’m not talking about a simple paper fan, but an actual portable fan like you see little kids wear around their necks on summer field trips. Hear me out. They seem a little silly, but I swear these were lifesavers during my last summer in Korea, especially as I walked most places and was outside for 30-minute stretches at a time. Also, if you carry around some sort of thermal spray or facial mist, you can spritz it on and then blow the fan on your face for an extra cooling effect.

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3. Know when to explore and when to find shelter

The sun reaches its highest point at noon. This means it’s both the hottest part of the day and the brightest. If you’re hoping to stay remotely cool, then this is the time you head back to get lunch somewhere with air conditioning and then maybe take an early afternoon nap in your hotel. The sun will feel torturous, and your photos won’t even be that nice since the light is too harsh.

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4. Invest in a comfortable pair of sandals and break them in before you go

There are so many stylish sandals that also offer arch support and are sturdy. Flimsy shoes just add an extra layer of discomfort in the sun, and, in the worst case scenario, they might just fall apart in the middle of a tour! Make sure you break in your sandals before your trip as well. Typically if you overuse new shoes too quickly, the bottom of your foot will rub against the sole of the shoe, which causes friction and little blisters along the bottom of your foot. This is only exacerbated in hot weather.

Tips for Travelling in humid weather

5. Change up your hair care

This tip is especially necessary if you’re coming from a colder or drier climate. Hair requires different care in wetter climates and what you’re using may actually be making it feel greasier faster. For example, I have thick, straight hair. In the winter, I use Head & Shoulders shampoo and a hydrating conditioner to counteract the blustery weather. I might even get some sort of serum or leave-in conditioner. However, in the summer I only use a clarifying shampoo and a lighter conditioner. If you’re not sure, just ask your hairdresser or look up what people with similar hair as yours are using.

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6. Stay hydrated

This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget this simple tip, especially if you get caught up visiting different sites or napping on the beach. Make sure you get in the roughly 3 litres a day plus more if you’ve been sweating.

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And there you have it! Six simple tips for travelling in humid weather!

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Tips for Travelling in Humid Weather

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