Nihi Sumba Island, What I packed for my tropical honeymoon

Clearly, the BEST part about getting married is that you get to plan a honeymoon! Am I right? Just a few weeks ago, Ben and I jetted off to spend an incredible two weeks in Indonesia (I think you know just how I excited I was). The day before the flight, I dragged out our suitcases and began to pack. We were travelling to a warm destination and planned to do a few active adventures as well as a whole lotta lounging around sipping cocktails. So what exactly went into my bag? If you’re curious as to what I packed for my tropical honeymoon, read on and I’ll reveal the most important items on my packing list!

What I packed for my tropical honeymoon:


Even though we headed somewhere hot and (technically) didn’t need to pack much, we still brought our two, trusty American Tourister hard cases. We take these babies everywhere with us – they’re super secure and durable. While we could have packed light and shared one case between us, I hate having to deal with our clothes getting all jumbled up together! Instead of a carry-on case, I just brought my beach bag which was big enough to stuff my book as well as an extra jacket in for the flight.

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Basic first-aid kit

We always pack a basic first-aid kit when we travel. While we hope to never have to use it, we actually find that on most trips we actually do need it. Unfortunately Ben got the dreaded Bali Belly one night and so we were glad we had some rehydration salts with us!

Cool, airy outfits

The whole time we were away, the temperature didn’t dip below 24 degrees, even during the night. That’s my very definition of bliss. I packed a suitcase full of floaty summer dresses, breezy linen skirts and lightweight camisoles (tip: you can shop many of my outfits at Lyst, the world’s largest online fashion marketplace. They’re seriously huge. Just sayin’). Ubud, being in the jungle was hot and sticky but down by the beach, the sea breeze kept us cool.

What I packed for my tropical honeymoon, Ubud

Hand sanitiser

Whenever we travel somewhere where water sanitation is a bit iffy, I pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag. I like to use it before I eat or if I’ve had to use a bathroom that’s been on the unhygienic side.


I LIVED in a bikini while we were away so I’m glad I packed three! I had enough to rotate through. Each villa we stayed in had it’s own private pool and in Sumba, we were hitting the beach non-stop. We’re water babies by nature so you couldn’t keep us out of it! Snorkelling, SUP, boating, you name it, we were doing it.

Nihiwatu, What I packed for my honeymoon

Insect repellant

Being a tropical destination, Indonesia is known for its pesky mosquitoes. Although the hotels are pretty good at managing them, I always like to bring my own insect repellant to have on me to use when I need it, especially early in the morning or at sunset. I steer clear of anything that is toxic and I’ve been using a really effective, all-natural repellant called Mosi-Guard, which contains lemon eucalyptus oil instead of DEET.


I packed two pairs of sandals a casual pair and a more versatile pair) as well as my Havaianas. Indonesia was hot and humid and so closed toe shoes just seemed quite repulsive to me! Actually, I don’t think I even wore shoes the whole time I was at Nihi Sumba Island – exactly how I like it.

Hiking boots

There are some incredible hiking trails in Indonesia and as you know, I love to get out and hike when I’m travelling! One day, we headed up into the lush centre of Bali and I tested out a pair of Teva’s new hiking boots. They were super lightweight and perfect for travel.

What I packed for my honeymoon, Ubud ,Bali


Travelling anywhere without my camera is non-negotiable but having it on our honeymoon was more important than anywhere else. These are the memories I’ll be looking back on for years to come and I wanted to capture it all. My camera kit includes my Nikon d750 and two lenses: a 35mm f/2.0 and a 24-70mm f/2.8. I also brought my Sony RX100 MII for the times I didn’t feel like lugging around my heavy DSLR.

Workout gear

Indonesia is a mecca for yoga-lovers and I knew that I wanted to definitely do a few classes on the trip. I packed some workout gear (my gym tights and a couple of tank tops) and I’m so glad I did. It’s impossible not to feel amazing after an energising early morning yoga session.


I may worship the sun but I’m also wise enough to be sunsmart at the same time. I always have a hat with me to keep my scalp from singeing. I’ve got quite fine hair which makes it pretty easy for my head to get sunburnt and also gives me a nasty headache.

What I packed for my honeymoon, Sumba, Indonesia


We went through two whole bottles of sunscreen (that’s a bottle a week) so I’m so glad I packed an extra one! We had no cloudy days or rain on our whole trip and it was hot and sunny every single day so we were lathering up constantly. I’m really glad we brought our own sunscreen from home as shops were charging an arm and a leg for it – up to $25 a bottle. Also, I have to be really careful with which sunscreens I use. I have really sensitive skin and I’m prone to breakout or get nasty rashes if my skin can’t breathe. I can’t tell you how many sunscreens I’ve bought over the years trying to find one that my skin doesn’t hate. The Neutrogena range seems to be the best for me. I use this anti-breakout sunscreen for my face and this mist for my body.

A pretty scent

Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory so on the honeymoon, I wanted to wear the scent I chose for our wedding day. Now, whenever we smell this perfume, we’ll be transported back to the best days of our lives.


And of course, tt wouldn’t be a honeymoon without the lacy delicates would it? Of course a few sweet little sets were packed. I also packed the robe I got ready in on our wedding day.

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What to Pack for a Tropical Honeymoon

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