I don’t know about you, but I am not a cold weather person. I joke that I’m a bit of a bear and, if I could, I’d hibernate as soon as the temperatures hit freezing. There’s just so much I dislike about winter – having to wear pants or leggings, how dark it is, the wind chill… Anyhow, the way I combat the blues is traveling, of course! Whether you jet off over your holiday break or set aside vacation time, here are some warm destinations in Asia to beat the winter blues. And don’t worry, all these countries work whether winter is June-August or December-February for you!

5 warm destinations in Asia to beat the winter blues

1. Thailand

This one is pretty obvious since I think nearly every recently graduated college student scrounges enough money together to get to Thailand! It’s such a diverse country that it can appeal to just about any traveller. Whether you want a laid back, cultural experience in Chiang Mai, a bustling city experience in Bangkok, or a gorgeous beach experience down south, you won’t be disappointed.

Tip: If you do head down to the beaches, opt for Ao Nang over Phuket if you want to avoid the hectic, party vibes.

warm destinations in Asia, Thailand

2. Vietnam

While Thailand is a more obvious choice, Vietnam is a less obvious one, though it’s growing in popularity. With such a culturally rich history and stunning offerings from the mystical Halong Bay to the charming yellow hues of Hoi An, this is the place to go if you want to throw yourself into a new setting.

Tip: My one recommendation is to wear dresses or loose, loose pants because the street food is so delicious, you’re going to end every day with a food baby.

warm destinations in Asia, Vietnam

3. Cambodia

I feel like Angkor alone should be enough for anyone to run away to Cambodia no matter what time of year. It really is incredible to wander the complex in person. Also, yes, even though you’ll be with a crowd of other tourists, the sunrise should not be missed.

Tip: Of course, there’s much more to Cambodia than Angkor so, if you can, travel around the country. Phnom Penh, the capital, is often recommended and I’ve also read lovely things about Kampot, a more off-the-beaten-path town.

warm destinations in Asia, Cambodia

4. Indonesia

Admittedly, I have not had a chance to see Indonesia beyond Bali, but I’ve made a list of places I want to see for when I can travel the rest of the country. Bali itself is pretty famous. It’s just the perfect island no matter what you want. Go there for your honeymoon, a yoga retreat, surfing, biking adventures, partying, shopping, culture, food… you name it. Bali has it all in its most gorgeous form.

Tip: Other parts of Indonesia that would make a great addition to your itinerary are Yogyakarta, Prambanan and, of course, seeing the sunrise at Borobudur.

warm destinations in Asia, Indonesia

5. Taiwan

I’m off to Taiwan this winter and I could not be more excited. This little island country is slowly growing in popularity but it’s still often left off many travellers’ itineraries. Taipei itself offers an abundance of things to do whether you’re interested in Taiwanese history and culture, want to visit some of the quirkier cafes or exhibits, or if you simply want to indulge in all the food you can eat at its famous night markets.

Tip: If you want to see more of the island’s natural beauty, it’s easy to take a train or a bus to the rest of the island. Some beautiful places include Sun Moon Lake, Taroko National Park, Kenting National Park, and more. Even a coastline drive is sure to provide views for days.

warm destinations in Asia, Tawian

And there you have it! Some warm destinations in Asia to help you escape the wintry weather.

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What are some warm destinations you’d escape to in the winter? Let us know below!