Sunday Selections

February 1, 2015

Happy weekend, friends! It’s been an especially happy weekend for me. Not only do I have a week off work ahead of me to look forward to, but Berlin got pretty this weekend. A fresh snowfall on Friday night dusted the city with a delicious frosting that made for a few fun-filled days. I think I’m starting to come around to this season. Especially when weekends look like this.

Snow on trees, weekend, Berlin

Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Be warned: after watching this video on the Road to Machu Picchu by the talented Devon Graham, you may very well book an impulsive flight to Peru! And those sloths! My heart just melted. Be sure to watch on 1080p or in 4k for the full experience.

READ: There’s a lot to be said for how stillness (not to be confused with idleness) leads to happiness. This discussion between Pico Iyer and Matthieu Ricard, two inspirational men who have made drastic changes in their lives to pursue a happy life, celebrates the most important lessons they’ve learnt over the years, including mindfulness and the importance of being still.

EAT: It’s always tricky knowing what to pack for a healthy, convenient lunch to have whilst travelling. This mason jar quinoa salad is the solution.

MAKE: After printing your polaroids, why not show them off in these DIY wooden polaroid displays? They make for great little desk additions.

BUY: Tech-savvy jetsetters, which of these 13 travel gadgets is on your wish list? The power card is on mine!

GO: Realising that I should probably make the most of this blissful week ahead, I booked a last-minute bus ticket to Wroclaw in Poland today. We leave on Tuesday and will stay for a couple of days. I can’t believe how cheap Poland is! We’re paying 30 Euros a night for accommodation in the centre of the Old Town. Why have I not taken advantage of these budget weekend escapes across the border sooner? Have you been to Wroclaw? I’d love to know your travel tips!

Much love x

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