Berlin architecture

Happy Sunday folks! I’m in a glorious mood because I have finished up at work for the summer and am now indulging in a beautiful six weeks of summer holidays. Life is good huh?

Berlin architecture


WATCH: This beautiful little video has just added more fuel to the fire of my forever burning wanderlust. The Canary Islands? On the list!

READ: Oh Paris. When can I come back? Irene Suchocki’s gorgeous photos make me want to book a flight tomorrow.

EAT: I want to devour every single one of these superfood smoothies, but especially the berry coconut one with chia seeds.

MAKE: I adore these DIY travel craft projects. So many great ideas.

DREAM BUY: Now that I’ve become used to the low cost of living in Berlin, I was horrified by the prices of Melbourne’s drinks when I visited back in March. $18 - 25 for a cocktail? I’m used to paying only €6 - 7! But can you believe that the world’s most expensive cocktail on record stands at $50,000 in Moscow? Insane! Although it was reported to include three 1.5 carat diamonds… Check out this article on 6 of the most extravagant cocktails in the world for some concoctions only for the rich and famous.

BUDGET BUY: Thanks to my darling little sister, I have now discovered Zinio! How was I unaware of this treasure trove until now? For a whole year I mourned the fact that I could no longer access my favourite English language magazines. Well, that’s not 100% accurate — I could get my hands on some of them, but their retail prices were often three times that of back home and for a lady on a budget, this was an indulgence I couldn’t really justify. Until now! Zinio has an incredible resource of over 5,500 publications, all of which you can purchase digital copies for a much cheaper price than retail editions. Digital library building here I go!

GO: This weekend I get to play tourist guide to some friends from back home who are touring around Europe on their honeymoon. I get to show off ‘my city’ which is loads of fun, so I’m more than content to hang around ‘home’ for now.