Sunday Selections

September 21, 2014

I snapped this shot last week on my morning commute. There was so much beauty in that morning light streaming into the station that I just had to stop to capture it. I hope this weekend has been recharging for you, friends, and you’ve delighted in the company of loved ones. I certainly have.

Morning Light in Berlin

WATCH: In today’s world, it’s becoming harder and harder to achieve a work-life balance. In this TED talk, ‘How to make work-life balance work’. author Nigel Marsh presents his case for what a satisfying combination of productivity, family time and personal time looks like; one that can be achieved by all with a few simple shifts in habit and perspective.

READ: In keeping with the above career/life theme, this article, titled 15 career tips for smart women was forwarded to me by one of my lovely friends this week. It’s such a valuable, reassuring read to us ladies.

EAT: Figs are making their welcomed appearance at the Saturday markets around Berlin and I’m dying to whip up some vanilla bean fig scones. What a perfect little treat on a cool fall afternoon.

MAKE: Aren’t these DIY emoji balloons fun? What a great party idea!

BUY: With the chillier weather officially kicking in next week (tomorrow is set to only reach 14 °C), it’s time to invest in some woolly pieces to keep snug. I have my eye on this oversized cardigan.

GO: Staying in a hotel that is completely exposed to the surrounding elements really helps you to connect with the place you’re visiting. Get acquainted with nature by booking one of these beautiful retreats. Don’t they look special?

Have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to appreciate the smaller things.

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