Market strawberries

Isn’t summer the most glorious season? Berries have flooded the markets everywhere around Berlin and I can’t get enough of them!

Summer berries, Berlin

WATCH: For Pakistani Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi, being the recipient of gifts and kind words was not the way he wanted to celebrate his 22nd birthday. Instead, to make for a much more personally fulfilling occasion, he decided to celebrate his day by engaging in 22 random acts of kindness to others. His documentation of this day will bring a little smile to your face.

READ: I’m in lazy summer holiday mode, which means that this little guide to no heat holiday curls is the perfect hair styling solution.

EAT: These mini almond pavlovas with forest berries are the perfect way to remedy the overabundance of berries in my fridge!

MAKE: Temperatures in Berlin have been pushing into the 30s over the last few days which I love. This after sun homemade DIY lotion is the perfect medicine for tender, sunburnt skin.

DREAM BUY: Could someone please buy me a house just like this one? I adore the simplicity and clean design of the wood and marble. Oh, and the location, in LA, would be fine also.

BUDGET BUY: I am so excited by my recent bargain of the century flea market purchase. Would you believe that I picked up a Scanpan wok in perfect condition for just 15 euros?!  These babies are not cheap. I was missing my beautiful Scanpan cookware that I used to use everyday back in Australia so was so thrilled with this find! Read more about my love of Berlin’s flea markets here.

GO: This time next week I’ll be in gorgeous Croatia for a little summer escape. After scrolling through Jessica Stein’s incredible images of Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing), I don’t think I can wait a whole week! What an amazing place.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and a happy week ahead.