Special Honeymoon Experiences, Romantic Private Dinner Nihi Sumba Island

No trip will ever compare to your honeymoon. It just won’t. A honeymoon is, without a doubt, the most special trip you’ll ever take in your lifetime. No matter where you choose to go – and the options really are endless – this is the trip you’ll look back on for years to come and cherish. There’s something so magical about being on your honeymoon with the love of your life whom you’ve just married. You’re still on a high from your wedding and you’re not ready to let go of the magic just yet. A few weeks ago, I returned from my honeymoon in Indonesia and my love bubble hasn’t quite burst yet. Regardless of where you go, make sure that these special honeymoon experiences are a feature of your trip!

8 special honeymoon experiences every couple should have:

1. Eat a honeymoon cake

This is one experience you’re never going to have the chance to do again! All three of our hotels baked a special honeymoon cake for us. I’m one to ALWAYS get excited about cake, but a honeymoon cake took my happiness to another level entirely. Also, it would be bad marital luck not to eat the whole thing, right?

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Honeymoon Cake

2. Soak in a bath filled with rose petals

If ever there was a time to have a bath filled with rose petals, your honeymoon is it. It’s just such a special experience to soak in a tub filled with flowers and it’s just not something you get to do everyday! If your hotel knows you’re on your honeymoon, they might leave it for you as a surprise (like Kayumanis Ubud Villas & Spa did for us) or you can always request it.

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Rose Petal Bath

3. Book a private, romantic dinner

It’s your honeymoon. When will there be a more perfect excuse for a private, romantic dinner? Ask that your hotel set up an intimate dining experience for you both, away from other guests and public areas. We did this on our last night at Nihi Sumba Island and asked to dine oceanfront, under the stars. They really pulled out all the stops on this one (like they do with everything!) and actually built a lavish open-air structure and decorated it with hanging flowers, candles and palm fronds. We never wanted dinner to end!

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Romantic Private Dinner

4. Plan an activity together you’ve never done before

A honeymoon becomes even more special when you make new memories together. In between all that blissing out and relaxing, plan an activity together that is completely new to both of you. Ben and I did a couple of things. Firstly, we did a sunset horse ride along the beach one day (I had never ridden a horse in my life and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time). We also chartered a boat and took it out for a private morning of swimming, SUP and fishing. It was such a fun morning and one of the highlights of our whole trip!

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Beach Horseride

5. Request a romantic turndown

It’s such a lovely novelty when you get back to your room after dinner and find that at turndown, the bed has been scattered with petals and sweet honeymoon decorations. This is something you’d never usually get on an ordinary holiday so you definitely should experience it!

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Romantic Turndown

6. Sip cocktails at sunset

Find a pretty spot, cosy up together with some cocktails and watch the sunset. Ben and I did this together every single day before dinner and it was just the best way to end the day. Are those Indonesian sunsets magical or what?

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Sunset Cocktails

7. Go all out

If there was ever a time to go all out, it’s on your honeymoon. If you have the budget, book a super luxurious hotel, or if not, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner one night. For us, we splurged on a week at Nihi Sumba Island. While it was the most expensive hotel we’ve ever stayed it, it was also hands-down the most special place we’ve ever been and was worth every penny. I may have even cried when we left it was THAT amazing (but shhhh).

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Luxury Hotel

8. Indulge with a couple’s massage

The purpose of your honeymoon is to relax, right? Well, there’s no better way to do that than by booking a couples’ massage. It’s not everyday that you have the chance to bliss out at the spa together so definitely book at least one treatment together on your honeymoon. I think Ben and I booked FOUR!

Special Honeymoon Experiences, Couples Massage

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Special Honeymoon Experiences Every Couple Should Have

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