Why You Should Get a Drone

If you love travelling, you know how important it is to have the right camera gear to capture those precious memories. Not too long ago, if you wanted high-quality, crystal-clear images, you’d need an expensive, fragile, high-end DSLR. But times have changed! Cameras started getting smaller, cheaper, more durable, and started being capable of recording videos, which completely changed our understanding of travel memories. Nowadays, not only can you create breathtakingly vivid, panoramic images with a cheap action camera, you can also take a drone with you and come back home with videos and pictures from completely new perspectives! There are many reasons to get a drone for your next trip but here are the top five.

All the reasons to get a drone for your next trip:

See your destination from a new perspective

With the help of a drone, all of a sudden you can capture your destination from an entirely new perspective! Imagine getting an aerial shot of your favorite landmark from above with a drone or taking a selfie from some 30 meters in the air at the Great Wall of China. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Easily capture videos as well as photos

Another great benefit of having a drone is that you can create incredible videos as well as photos. You can easily create plenty of breathtaking scenery shots from virtually any angle or height you want. Not only that, but you can also (depending on the model you choose) set a specific flying mode and the drone can follow you around and film on its own while you do anything you want. There are no limits!

Sell your drone footage

If you are someone who can capture high-quality drone footage, there’s always the opportunity to make some extra money by selling your photos or videos. Drone footage is in very high-demand by tourism operators so, if you have some experience pitching and working with brands, you might be able to partner with some of these clients.

Meeting new people

If you take a drone while traveling, you’re guaranteed to meet lots of curious new people. Drones are an attraction wherever you go. It might not be the latest gadget, but it still isn’t that mainstream. Every time you get it in the air, people will become interested in it and probably ask you tonnes of questions about it. Besides having fun and capturing awesome aerial footage, drones are a great way to meet new people and connect with those who already know a thing or two about them.

Finding your way if lost

You probably never thought of the idea of using a drone to get yourself out of a ‘sticky’ situation, right? Well, having a drone with you can be extremely useful in case you get lost. This especially goes for those who love traveling in the great outdoors! In case you lose your orientation while exploring an area you’re not that familiar with, you can always get your bird in the air to get your bearings back.

Now, for such purposes, you don’t actually need the latest high-end model with tons of fancy features like a camera gimbal or ‘follow me’ mode. A simple drone with a decent camera (like the Hubsan X4) is all you need, which comes with an in-built screen on the transmitter and live feed.

Travelling the world and exploring new places is fun, but traveling with a drone takes it to another level. Not only will you capture amazing content and meet new people, every day can turn into an exciting drone-time adventure!

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