Whether you’re taking advantage of Europe’s low season or hoping to see NYC’s famous Christmas decorations, there’s a lot to love about traveling in winter rather than escaping to beachier destinations. If you’re planning to do just this, you’ll love our tips for travelling in cold climates in style.

Tips for travelling in cold climates in style:

1. Invest a lightweight but proper jacket

Just because you’re going somewhere cold, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a giant, bulky jacket fit for an Eskimo. Keep an eye on the weather and whether or not it’s supposed to snow or be icy. Otherwise, you can get away with a thinner jacket that has down in it for extra warmth.

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2. Look for clothing designed for cold weather

It might not seem like a lot, but there’s a huge difference between regular cotton leggings and a pair of fleece leggings. I never owned a pair until I lived in Korea and had to spend time walking outside. Once I got a pair, I suddenly wasn’t freezing every time I stepped outside! For even more frigid temperatures, try velvet-lined leggings.

As for UNIQLO’s Heattech line, there are so many options — tanks, shirts, leggings, socks, and even underwear! I’m not sure of the way it works but it essentially generates heat from your body. You can also choose between the normal Heattech, extra warm, and ultra warm.

3. Master the art of layers

The thing with winter travel is that the temperature will actually change quite frequently depending on what you’re doing. You could be outside for a few hours, trekking through the blustery winds, or you could be sitting in a toasty restaurant for an hour or two sipping hot chocolate!

Because of this, you need to be smart about how you layer your clothes. There’s a difference between putting on three sweaters and a jacket vs. stylishly layering a Heattech tank, a cashmere sweater, and a down jacket. Both may be layering, but you probably won’t have much arm motion with one of them! At most, you really only need 3-4 layers at one time — a thin Heattech tank, a thin shirt, a nice sweater, and your jacket. You could get away with even less depending on what you’re doing that day.

cold climates in style, layers

4. Invest in a solid pair of shoes

There’s one thing that can undo all of the above tips and that’s not wearing proper shoes. You can still keep your toes nice and toasty while still looking stylish though. Get a pair of sleek boots that are insulated or at the very least water resistant. Look for a black ankle bootie style as they’ll work for dressier activities and more casual touring.

5. Don’t skimp on the accessories

Scarves, gloves, ear muffs — you can always take them off and fit them in your purse, but it’ll be a pain to have to buy them if you’re colder than you thought you’d be.

cold climates in style, accessories

6. Get a hand warmer

If there’s one genius product I relied on while living in Korea, it’s the heat pack. It’s basically a small square bag that you can shake, and it’ll stay heated for hours. There are the little ones you can get from a convenience store, but you can also get an electric or reusable one to travel with. Just stick them in your pocket for a dose of extra warmth in case you get caught outside.

7. Wear socks under your tights

If you’re the kind of person whose feet are always cold, you’ll love this tip. Get a pair of thin ankle socks (any will do), and put them on before you put on a pair of tights. They’re thin enough that they won’t feel too bulky under your tights and they’ll keep your feet nice and warm.

And there you have it! Some tips to make travelling in colder climates more comfortable.

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Tips for Travelling in Cold Weather in Style

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