Why everyone should spend christmas in australia

Ever dreamt about celebrating Christmas away from home? Over the years, I’ve spent Christmas in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Vietnam and India and I absolutely loved it. There’s something so fun about observing the traditions of other places and cultures and seeing the holiday with new eyes. I still think though, after all these Christmases away, there’s nothing quite like celebrating it at home in Australia. It really is such a unique experience quite different to anywhere else! If you’ve been dreaming of spending the holidays abroad, here’s why heading down under will make it a Christmas you won’t forget.

Why everyone should spend Christmas in Australia at least once:

You can’t beat the weather

You won’t need your woollen scarves and mittens out here. While those in the northern hemisphere spend Christmas hiding away indoors out of the elements, an Australian Christmas is synonymous with outdoor dining, bare feet and the warm, summer breeze. Temperatures can soar but if you love summer and want to escape the cold, you’ll be in heaven here.

Hit the beach on Christmas morning

Instead of huddling by the fire on Christmas morning, if you’re by the coast, lots of people head out for an early morning swim first thing. It’s one of our best-loved traditions. Leave your floppy straw hat behind and grab your santa hat instead! Bondi Beach in Sydney is one of the most popular locations for beachside celebrations. Check out these photos from Christmas last year.

Throw another shrimp on the barbie

While some Aussies still keep up the tradition of serving a hot English roast for Christmas lunch, you’ll more often find that cold meats, salads and fresh, grilled seafood take prime place on the menu. We swap the hot mulled wine for a chilled, crisp white. For dessert, forget the plum pudding and expect pavlova laden with plump berries instead.

You get to open your presents early 

If Christmas turns you into a little kid again, Australia is the place to be. Because of differences in time zones, Australians get to be some of the first people in the world to open their presents on Christmas morning! That’s 11 hours ahead of Londoners and 16 hours before New Yorkers!

Say goodbye to post-Christmas depression

Back when I lived in Berlin, once December was over, everyone seemed to sink into a winter depression. There was just nothing fun or exciting to look forward to anymore, just dark days and icy weather! If you’re in Australia at this time though, no one gets upset once the festivities are over. They’ve got lots of long summer days ahead, full of beach trips and barbecues.

Wear the ugly Christmas jumper Aussie style

Nothing shows a cheerier Christmas spirit than getting around in an ugly Christmas jumper. Although a favourite tradition in the colder climates, Aussies see no reason why they should miss out. Introducing the solution: the ugly Christmas rashie, developed by the Cancer Council. Think they’re ‘too’ ugly and for people to buy? The first release was sold out in just 48 hours.

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