I guess summer holidays have to come to an end at some point. It’s back to work for me tomorrow! Today I’m relaxing, enjoying good coffee and wandering around Berlin taking pleasure in all of the pretty things.


WATCH: What is love? This here, friends. End of story.

READ: Can you believe how intricate and ethereal individual snowflakes are when viewed super close? I had no idea. So beautiful.

EAT: With my work day routine officially starting up again tomorrow,  I’m thinking these ‘life changing crackers’ could be a real hit.

DIY: This really is the best way to organise a freezer. I should get on to that.

DREAM BUY: So I think it’s pretty safe to say that this Valencia camera travel tote bag is the best hand luggage bag ever. Can I have one?

BUDGET BUY: Worryingly, the weather has been slightly cooler in Berlin this week — low 20s and a little showery. I refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end! I’m not ready to put my sandals away just yet. By the way, aren’t these ones cute?

GO: Wouldn’t it be a dream to stay at one of these stunning hotels in extremely remote locations? I think my favourite is the Treehotel in Sweden. What is yours?

Wishing you a happy week!