Split Harbour, Croatia

After a magical two days in Dubrovnik, it was time to say our goodbyes and move further up the coast of Croatia for more adventures. A four hour bus ride along the stunning Dalmatian coastline took us briefly through Bosnia and Herzegovina and quiet local towns before arriving at our destination at noon: Split. With only a half day here as our base before exploring some islands off the coast, a stroll along Split’s picturesque harbour to stretch our legs was priority number one.

Bellies soon began rumbling after a whole morning on the road. We treated ourselves to a delicious meal of fresh sea bass at a great eatery located at the far side of the harbour: Fife. The fact that the food seemed to be half the price of that of Dubrovnik was an added bonus.

From the harbour we were drawn towards the old city walls and into the complex of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian’s Palace. Don’t be misled, however. Diocletian’s Palace is not a palace as such, but rather a fortified town and imperial residence which, today, is the living and breathing heart of Split, full of cafes, restaurants, museums, shops and bars. Labyrinthine, cobblestoned streets snake their way through this beguiling site and, although the complex is small (215m from east to west) it certainly does feel easy to get lost.

Just outside the palace walls we happened upon a delightful little local market where we stocked up on the most juicy peaches I’ve tasted in a long while as well as bags of delicious dried fruits. Perfect snacks for the ferry trip the following morning.

Was there a more perfect way to end this long but wonderful day than by watching the sun’s yellow glow light up Split’s promenade? I don’t think so.

How have you made the most of limited time in places you’ve stopped through on your journeys? I’d love to read your comments!