Wine in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Good food. Good wine. Some of the most crucial ingredients for a holiday. I do admit that I get a little obsessive when researching cities that I plan to visit, troweling through blogs looking for the best recommendations for where to find quality, reasonably priced local food and pretty spots to enjoy a vino or two. Now, Dubrovnik is certainly not a cheap city but here are a few good options for some pre-dinner drinks before a delicious, fresh seafood dinner won’t break the bank.

For a pre-dinner drink:

1. D’Vino Wine Bar

Located in the heart of Dubrovnik’s old town, D’Vino is a lovely place to enjoy a Croatian wine along with a very reasonably priced cheese platter. Only a handful of tables line the marble lane D’Vino is situated on, which is exactly where you want to be late afternoon while you contemplate your dinner plans for that evening.

2. Lady Pi-Pi

The view from the terrace of Lady Pi-Pi over the glowing terracotta roofs of the old town in the late afternoon really is something else. Get there around 5pm before it gets busy for dinner and share a half litre of wine as you gaze out over this stunning city.

For a fresh seafood dinner at a reasonable price:

1. Lokanda Peskarija

It’s no secret that restaurants can be pricey in Dubrovnik, but if you’re looking for a fresh seafood dinner that won’t destroy your budget, Lokanda Peskarija is a great option. Located on the waterfront at the old harbour, this restaurant is packed in the summer, particularly around sundown. Its limited menu of only a handful of seafood dishes as well as a few risottos and salads ensures that everything is super fresh and portions are very generous. There’s also plenty to observe as you relax at your table: people walking the old city walls above you, boats docking at the pier in front of your and the busy chefs in the open kitchen behind you.

I’d love to hear some other suggestions for great places to grab a well-priced dinner or drink in Dubrovnik!