Hi there friends! It’s been a while! After a whirlwind, very special trip to Tokyo (more on that in a minute), all while being under the pump for deadlines, it’s been nice to take a little digital detox since arriving back home in Melbourne. The past week or so has been all about special times with family and friends, soaking up the (bloody hot!) Australian sun, hitting the beach, eating mangos and getting my coffee game on once again.

But should we talk about the fact that I am engaged? That I have a fiancé? Man, that feels weird to say! Ben surprised me completely out of the blue on our last morning in bed in Tokyo. I was so shocked — I didn’t believe it was for real at first! We’ve been together for almost ten years and I can’t believe that we’re now going to get married! We kept our little engagement secret just between us and waited until we arrived back into Melbourne to tell our family and friends. We don’t plan on getting married for at least 18 months to completely take the pressure off and so it’s as stress free as possible. In the meantime, I’ll be surfing Pinterest for lots of destination wedding inspiration!


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit, says surf photographer Chris Burkard. In his TED talk, he explores the overwhelming sense of fulfilment he gets through photographing in some of the world’s harshest conditions in his ‘personal crusade against the mundane’.

READ: Come this time of year, I’m all about organising my life, making goals and putting plans into action. I love this post on how to do it best

EAT: I love the hot weather because I just want to eat this for breakfast.

MAKE: Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I don’t. But I do think that these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are super cute!

BUY: I need this dress for the Australian summer.

GO: After a whirlwind past month skiing in France, exploring Saas Fee in Switzerland, packing up our Berlin apartment and then stopping off in Tokyo on the way home to Melbourne, I am more than happy to lay low for a couple of weeks! But tell me, what are your plans? Are you jetting off anywhere exciting?

Big thanks to everyone who completed the 2016 Reader Survey! I can’t wait to read your responses and get your feedback so that The Department of Wandering can be even better this year!