Sunday Selections

December 21, 2014

Happy holidays, friends! The Christmas break has cheerfully arrived and I’m more than a little merry about it. We’re booked on the morning train to Amsterdam on Tuesday to spend a couple of Christmassy days there and, oh I can’t wait! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to spending some much-needed quality time with this guy, exploring one of Europe’s most beautiful cities as well as catching up on some reading and blogging. What have you got planned for the silly season?

Berlin at Christmas

Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Is there anything better than bingeing on classic Christmas movies the week before Christmas? I think not. Over this past week I’ve revisited some favourites: Home Alone, Love Actually and Elf. I’m saving the best for last of course, with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation scheduled in for Christmas Eve, as has become tradition. What are your favourites?

READ: I’m really looking forward to settling down with a good book over this Christmas break. Are you? I’m slowly working my way through Donna Tartt’s ‘The Goldfinch’, which has captivated me from the beginning but is taking me forever because I’m moving at a snail’s pace through it, savouring each and every word. It’s THAT good. If you’re stuck for ideas, the NY Times’ list of 100 Notable Books of 2014 should give you plenty.

EAT: Okay, this is more of a drink link than an eat link, but I couldn’t resist sharing these four hot drinks for the holidays. What better way is there to warm up on these chilly days?

MAKE: Stuck for last-minute present ideas but can’t face the mayhem of the malls? Problem solved. After a quick trip to your local supermarket, make these DIY edible gifts in jars from the calm and comfort of your own home. Your thoughtfulness won’t be forgotten, I’m sure.

BUY: Many of us are flying home for the holidays this year, often travelling huge distances. At some point or another I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated by the limited drink options on flights. W & P Design and Punch, two cocktail-obsessed companies based in Brooklyn, NY, have collaborated to come to our rescue with the Carry on Cocktail Kit. The kit provides everything you need to mix two old-fashioned cocktails mid-flight — all you need to purchase on board is the hard stuff. Don’t worry, the contents are guaranteed to make it through security. Flying just got a whole lot better.

GO: I hope Sinterklaas knows where to find me in Amsterdam this Christmas! This will be my second time in this beautiful city and I’m looking forward to exploring some of the things I didn’t get time for last time. Fingers crossed the rain stays away!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas full of joy with your loved ones.

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