Zadar Sunset, Croatia

Apologies for the slight delay in the posting of this week’s Sunday Selections friends! Dodgy wi-fi is, unfortunately, a reality of travel sometimes. I’m back in Berlin after a truly spectacular break in Croatia, which I look forward to sharing with you this week on The Department of Wandering.

So this was where I spent my Sunday night — watching the most beautiful sunset while sitting on the Riva in Zadar. I want to go back already!

Sunset, Zadar, Croatia

WATCH: This beautifully produced video captures the magic of the incredible natural phenomenon of the midnight sun in Iceland through time lapse footage. Amazing. Iceland, you are one spectacular place.

READ: For my future home office, I will happily take any of these options, thank you.

EAT: Everyone loves a summer picnic, don’t they? This clever picnic idea generator ensures that you’ll never be stuck for ideas as to what to pack!

MAKE: Surely this has got to be the easiest DIY project in the history of the universe. But oh what a lovely result. These DIY pretty shampoo bottles would look divine in any bathroom and much more aesthetically pleasing than the Pantene variety!

DREAM BUY: In the eventual house that I will own (one day!) I want need lighting like this maritime inspired industrial lighting collection.

BUDGET BUY: Don’t you think these blueprint art prints are kinda cool? There’s some quirky ones in the mix too! Blue print of Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar anyone?

GO: Wouldn’t it have just been the most incredible experience to go travelling in Egypt in the early 20th century? These old photographs of life in Cairo taken over 100 years ago are just extraordinary. What an adventure it would have been! Whilst it would be a vastly different experience today, I’d still love to visit someday.

Until next time!