Sunday Selections

March 9, 2014

This week’s edition of Sunday Selections is proudly brought to you from Australia. I’m struggling somewhat with jet-lag at the moment and I’m still in a little bit of a haze, but this glorious Australian sunshine is definitely helping!

Melbourne flowers 2

WATCH: 21 hours is a long time to be in transit from Europe to Australia. Between bouts of fitful sleeping and terrible airline food, there was plenty of time to watch movies at least. I was delighted to find ‘Midnight in Paris’ (2011) on offer — one of my favourite movies set in Paris. Essentially it follows Gil’s (Owen Wilson) great love for the city and his wish to lose himself in the charm of it. Caught up in the illusion that another era is more romantic and exciting, Gil spends his nights with the great names of the 1920s: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Dali and Gertrude Stein just to name a few. It’s such a charming, feel-good film that just makes me want to book a flight to Paris soon after we return home to Europe!

READ: Can you tell that I’m dreaming of Paris at the moment? The city of light is looking absolutely breathtaking at the moment in the newly arrived springtime. It’s cherry blossom season! Reading Nicole Warne’s ‘Postcards from Paris’ on Gary Pepper about the beauty of this city at the moment, paired with Carin Olsson’s (author of one of my favourite blogs, Paris in Four Months) incredible photos, certainly makes it hard to stay away!

COOK: Now that we’re back in Australia, Ben and I are being spoilt with amazing home-cooked meals. Spicy curries are Ben’s dad, Greg’s specialty and he loves cooking delicious food from Rick Stein’s incredible cook books. This pork curry with green chillies and tamarind would be one such example of the incredible feasts we are lucky enough to enjoy.

MAKE: The elements and heating have taken a toll on my skin over the past few months and it’s in desperate need of some care and hydration. These three DIY beauty recipes look super easy to make and affordable too.

DREAM BUY: Ben and I are in the market for a new camera after our previous SLR was stolen around six months ago. Unfortunately, we were under-insured on our travel insurance policy, meaning that we only received a fraction of the original cost of our stuff (lesson learnt!). If we weren’t limited by funds and if money were no object, we would buy this Nikon D800 D-SLR in a flash. At the moment it’s beyond our budget but one day!

BUDGET BUY: I’m looking forward to buying a few lighter jumpers now that spring has arrived in Berlin. I think this soft pink, fine knit sweater from H & M is so feminine and pretty. And at €14.95 can I really go wrong?

GO: Sticking with the theme of Turkey from last week, Ben and I are planning a second trip in late July. We’re thinking it would be just fabulous to spend a few days sailing around the Turkish coast. A few of our friends in Berlin have done similar trips in the past and can’t recommend V-Go Blue Cruises highly enough. These guys offer a wide variety of cruises ranging from two nights to seven at very reasonable prices. We will already have purchased a multiple-entry visa which is valid for six months, so wouldn’t it be a shame not to make the most of it?

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