Sunday Selections

April 13, 2014

Berlin is in full bloom at the moment and all I want to do right now is wander around under the cherry blossoms!

Berlin Cherry Blossoms

WATCH: I love watching travel and food programmes on cities I’m about to visit and Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ is always at the top of my list. Places of deliciousness in Istanbul have been duly noted including Dürümzade for mouth-watering Turkish wraps and Sur Ocakbasi for büryan kebab (lamb slow-cooked in a pit). Drool.

READ: Did you know that autobahns in Germany were sometimes used as landing strips in WWII? I didn’t! Check out this link on ’16 things you didn’t know about the autobahn’ for more useful autobahn trivia.

COOK: Everywhere I look at the moment, I see Spargel. Germans are a little obsessed with this stuff and celebrate wholeheartedly when it comes into season with festivals, competitions and passionate discussions. This time of year is even called ‘Spargelzeit’, meaning Spargel time. Essentially, Spargel is white asparagus. Apparently, it has a slightly sweeter and milder taste than regular asparagus. It is grown underground, meaning that no photosynthesis occurs, resulting in it’s white colour. I must get my hands on some to cook with this week before the short season ends!

MAKE: Can you believe that these gorgeous peonies are actually made from paper? Lucy from Craftberry Bush is one super talented lady.

DREAM BUY: Wouldn’t it just be a dream to one day travel on the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul? How divine! Original carriages from the 1920s are still in use and guests are expected to attend dinner in black-tie attire. How romantic. Prices are from $6,920 per person. One day!

BUDGET BUY: This week I discovered return flights to Oslo from Berlin for only €40 over a weekend in May with Ryanair. Can I really say no?

GO: Our lovely friends Nikola and Petra are marrying in Serbia in June. Searching for flights to Belgrade is one of my jobs for next week. Fun!

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