Park, Berlin

Berliners really do get their weekends right. You won’t find many people hanging around inside when the sun is shining. No, they really do make the most of these warm months because they know that they will be gone all too quickly and the long winter will set in once again.

On any given warm afternoon, one will find that all of the parks around the city are packed. Backyards, after all, are non existent for Berlin residents, and so claiming a patch of grass in the sun at their local park around the corner is a top priority. Here, they will park their bicycles, get comfy, strip down — the women often into swimsuits and the men shirtless — take out a book or magazine and some beers and while away the afternoon.

Last Sunday I did just that at Volkspark am Weinbergsweg in Berlin.

Berlin Weinbergsweg

Berlin Weinbergsweg

Berlin Weinbergsweg Brogues

Blood-orange and lemon gelato may have also been involved.

Berlin Gelato

How do you love to spend your summer weekends in your city?