Cafe 9, Berlin

Okay, I admit it. I’m a coffee snob. In my defence I’m from from Melbourne. I guess that explains it. It’s all too easy to get used to the good stuff in the coffee capital of the nation. This can make things a little tricky when abroad. A quality cup is non-negotiable if I’m going to start my day right. My unfortunate realisation after moving to Berlin was that great coffee is not always right at your fingertips like it is back home.

While third-wave coffee culture is slowly gaining in popularity, there are still only a handful of spots across Berlin where you can grab a top-notch brew. Nevertheless, these cafés do exist and, if you know where to go, you can find them across neighbourhoods ranging from Mitte to Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain to Prenzlauerberg. I’ll be bringing you some suggestions over the coming weeks so you can easily combat that dull, foggy headache resulting from an unfortunate caffeine-deprived morning.

Café 9 in Kreuzberg is one option for a ‘real’ coffee. This tiny place, situated next door to Markethalle Neun, really is the location you want to begin your Saturday with. Order a flat white, an aeropress, or a cold-brew — my choice for today — before heading next door to select your market goodies. You can also enjoy a good selection of savoury or sweet bites to accompany your choice of brew. Sit at one of the green stools at the bench and gaze out onto the street which will be full of people enjoying lunch from Markthalle at the tables on the street in the sun.

Cold Brew, Cafe Neun

Where do you love to grab your coffee from in your city?