Rome in the Rain, Italy

It always amazes me how quiet the streets become when it begins to rain. People dart for shelter or waste hours of their time holed up in a hotel room. I, on the other hand, don’t mind at all when it rains. It means that the streets are deserted and, in such a tourist saturated city such as Rome, this is a rare luxury. Sunday week ago, I spent the morning wandering around the gloriously empty city. What an unexpected treat!

Rome in the rain, Italy

I had the Spanish Steps all to myself. Can you believe it?

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Rome in the rain, Italy

Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Rainy days are never something to shy away from. In Paris over Christmas, I experienced a similar thing, wandering around the beautiful Le Marais neighbourhood early in the rainy morning with not a soul for company. Empty streets in Paris? Over Christmas? Surely that’s unheard of! Deserted lanes in Rome? In summer? Impossible! I think I might do a few little rain dances before my next trip away. What do you think?