Steak at La Fiaschetta, Rome

When ambling along the winding, cobblestoned lanes of Rome at night with the soft, warm glow of the street lamps gently lighting your way, a romantic dinner in an intimate little place is nothing short of a necessity, no?

La Fiaschetta, tucked away a few blocks behind Campo de Fiori is your spot.

Rome at night, Italy

This little place ticks all of the boxes. It’s cosy and intimate, the staff are knowledgeable, the service excellent, and the menu is divine.

Start with a bottle of red from the local Lazio region and enjoy a basket of fresh sourdough accompanied by olive oil, salt and pepper. For your first course, don’t look any further than the pasta dishes served here; they’re that good. Perhaps you’ll have the spaghetti cacio e pepe (a traditional Roman dish made from pasta, pecorino cheese, butter and pepper) or maybe the tagliatelle with pork ragu?

Pasta, Rome, Italy Pasta, Rome, Italy

For the second course, could you really go past a juicy rib-eye steak with oven roasted potatoes? I couldn’t.

Steak, Rome, Italy

Ending your beautiful, romantic dinner without ordering the vanilla panna cotta with caramel sauce would most certainly be a crime.

Pannacotta, Rome, Italy

A meal at La Fiaschetta will leave you with a protruding belly, flushed cheeks and sore facial muscles from serial smiling. But is there any other acceptable way to end an evening in Rome? I think not.

Guaranteed, this won’t be the last time you visit La Fiaschetta in Rome. You’ll probably want to head back there the very next day. That’s what I did, anyway!

What are your fondest memories of food on your travels?