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Let’s be honest. Being a blogger is pretty simple. You simply start a blog (you can even do it all for free), write some posts and press ‘publish’. There you go – you can call yourself a blogger!

It’s never been easier to start a blog than it is today. It now seems as though every second person is launching a blog of their own (which I happen to think is freaking awesome btw). A new blog is created every half second and three million blog posts are created every single day. Those numbers are cray cray!

Do you have what it takes to be a successful blogger? Take the QUIZ!

Whether or not these blogs will succeed is a whole different story though. Many people start blogs with lofty aspirations – visions of getting paid to travel the world, of quitting the 9-5 to blog full-time or building a loyal and engaged audience that seems to hang off their every word. When I launched this blog three years ago, my only intention was: Oh, this will give me something nice to do while I’m an expat in a foreign country. I had NO idea that this blog would transform my whole life and become my leading source of income. Go figure.

Many people do start blogs, however, with a vision of success. So are you wondering whether you’ve got what it takes to be a successful blogger? Take the nifty quiz below to find out!

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