Heading down to the coast was pretty high up on my list of priorities during our little visit home. I haven?�t set my eyes on a beach since I visited Barcelona last September and haven?�t swum in the ocean since we spent a week in Santorini in July. And let?�s be honest, Australians just need the beach. It?�s in the blood.

So, together with some of our most favourite people, we packed the car and headed on down to the Mornington Peninsula for a couple of delightful days. Peta, a dear friend of my best friend, Jess, was so generous to offer us use of her family?�s beach house in Portsea for an overnight stay. Isn?�t that just so lovely of her? Our first little stop was a delicious lunch at Dee?�s Kitchen in Dromana and a little wander along the pier in the sunshine.

Dromana Pier 2

Dromana Pier 1

Fisherman Dromana

Dromana Pier 3

Dromana Pier 4

Dromana Pier 4

Energised from the beautiful food and warm kiss of the sun, we moved on to Portsea where we literally threw on our bathers and slapped on some sunscreen before dashing off again to make the most of the glorious weather. Shelley Beach was where we wiled away the most perfect afternoon swimming, reading, walking and sunbathing. Bliss.

Shelley Beach pier lookout

Private Jetty

Kayaks Shelley Beach

Tin Boat Shelley Beach

Sail Boat Shelley Beach

Ben in the Sea

Sea Water

After a splendid couple of hours it was time to head back to the beach house for a couple of apéritifs before dinner. What a perfect day. Day two of our coastal escape will be up soon!