Hi you! I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend and have welcomed in this fresh new season by doing something lovely. This week I’ve been reliving last week’s incredible getaway to Joshua Tree through social media. Have you been following along? Seriously, how magical was this sunrise? This really is proof that there is everything to be gained from getting up early… Keep your eyes peeled on the blog this week for the full Joshua Tree post. I’ve already been teasing you on Instagram all week but that’s just a taste for what’s coming! It was seriously such a fun adventure and has got me unbearably excited for the next.

This week was quiet while I worked on some exciting upcoming projects and locked in travel plans for the end of the month with both NYC and Mexico booked as well as a cheeky little getaway next weekend to Yosemite. Eeek! Have you been? Do send me your tips and recommendations — I would love to know where to go and what to do! This weekend you may have seen on Snapchat (deptofwandering) that we brunched, paid a little visit to the California Science Center to see the space shuttle, ate ridiculously good food at Grand Central Market, strolled around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive before finishing up the day at rugged El Matador Beach in Malibu. It was all pretty lovely, but I have to say that I am itching to get out of the city again… See you next weekend from Yosemite!


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: How about Leo’s Oscar win? About damn time. It was kinda weird to be in the same city where it was all happening, not that I saw any of the goings-ons. YouTuber Casey Neistat went behind the scenes to crash the Oscars.

READ: There might be a science behind wanderlust. Interesting reading.

EAT: Craving some home-cooked sweets like this black sesame banana bread.

MAKE: These make for a fun surprise after you’ve gobbled up your dinner!

BUY: If I had a wall to hang this on, I would totally order, like, ten.

GO: Yesterday I locked in accommodation for next weekend in Yosemite! So ridiculously excited at road trip #2 after last weekend’s adventure of epic proportions.