Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections

February 7, 2016

Hiya friends! Happy Sunday! What have you been up to this weekend? Mine has been filled with (many) wines with friends, yummy food, delicious gelato, big gym sessions (because I’m on a health kick ya know and need to even out all that cheeky wine consumption) as well as brunch dates with my little sister. The weather has been hot and sunny and the nights balmy and breezy. Seriously though, how damn good is summer?

So, you might have seen on Instagram today that some pretty freakin’ exciting plans are in motion over here. Yep, Ben and I are off on a last minute trip to LA in less than two weeks! He needs to head over there for some work-related stuff and I am, naturally, going over for some adventure-related stuff. We’ll be spending around four weeks in LA and then are scheming about what to do and where to go for about two weeks afterwards. I’m thinking NYC and then Mexico. What do you reckon? I need your advice! Leave me a comment below with your tips, tricks and recommendations!


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: What is the key to a good life? What is it that keeps us happy and healthy as we age? In his TED talk, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger discusses the findings of a 75-year study on adult development and reveals what it is that protects our bodies and brains as we age.

READ: Is social media an artform?

EAT: These are the very definition of summer for me.

MAKE: With Valentines Day creeping up next weekend, these concrete and copper heart candles are a cute DIY.

BUY: I just had to buy these palm tree shorts this week — they could not be more perfect for LA!

GO: Please send any and all tips to me on LA and fun weekends trips to be had! I am so excited to start planning this adventure!


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