Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections

December 20, 2015

Hiya weekend! After the past few weekends spend down in the alps, first learning to ski in Val d’Isere in France and then celebrating the opening of a new luxury lodge in Saas Fee in Switzerland, it’s been busy to say the least! I may have forgotten to post the Sunday roundup last weekend since I was a little preoccupied with this view. Oops! Do you forgive me? Keep your eyes peeled on World of Wanderlust for blog posts coming soon!

So, tell me, have you decked the halls yet? I have to admit that my apartment over here is decidedly un-festive this year. I have no Christmas tree, fairy lights, mistletoe or wreaths hanging up in here. Nope. Decorating a Christmas tree just seems a little counter-productive right now when I am should be focusing on packing up the apartment into two 30kg cases. Yeah, good luck with that, I know that’s what you’re thinking. It’s what I’m thinking too.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that I landed a contributor position with Electrify Mag, a New York-based travel, fashion and style magazine? I’ve been working on some pieces for print to be published in the upcoming Spring 2016 issue. Can’t wait to share them with you when they’re out! I’m also working on some commissions for Ninemsn at the same time, making this week a little crazier than usual. But, let me tell you how grateful and excited by these new projects I am! I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and I hope Santa is kind! Tell me about all the goodies you find in your stocking next week.


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: For five years, the Slade family has been making a christmas card video to send to family and friends via You Tube. The videos go viral and have earned them internet fame over the years and the family uses their wide reach to raise awareness for Charity Water, a not-for-profit organisation that helps deliver safe drinking water to disadvantaged communities. In this year’s video, the family is taking their altruistic endeavours to a new level.

READ: 2015 has been a huge year in travel. Here are some of the biggest points of note.

EAT: These homemade heart sugar cubes are, literally, the sweetest.

MAKE: This is the perfect centrepiece for the Christmas table!

BUY: And this is just the best stealthy safe to bring to the beach.

GO: I can’t believe that in less than three weeks I’ll be in Tokyo! These photos are making me so excited! I can’t wait to eat EVERYTHING!


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