Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections

October 18, 2015

Today has been all about taking it slow. I returned from Portugal last weekend to a mountain of copywriting work I had let myself get behind in, with the deadline looming only a few days later. Still completely blissed out from the previous week of being treated like a princess, I needed to snap myself back into gear and crunch for a good couple of days straight. Ugh. I hopped from café to café, minimised distractions and pumped those articles out so it all got done on time in the end. It always feels so good when deadlines are met!

You may have also seen on Instagram that I was collaborating with Brooks England on an exciting project too, so I had that to look forward to and keep me going. I was a little worried about the weather, since Berlin has been so rainy all week, but thankfully, the rain did finally stop! Yesterday we did the photoshoot around Berlin, which was loads of fun. I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon about what it was all about!

Needless to say though, after how crazy busy last week was with work, I felt absolutely depleted come mid-afternoon yesterday. All I could do last night was watch rom coms in my pjs with a bottle of red wine. I woke up just shy of midday today and have just hung out at home with Ben except for when we ducked out for a little walk in the crisp autumn air to go get coffee. I love lazy Sundays like this. There’s no better way to recharge.


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Everyone who has upstairs neighbours will appreciate this video.

READ: I love a good infographic. Here’s one with 50 travel facts that will blow your mind.

EAT: Is this the perfect autumn breakfast or what?

MAKE: How great are these bookends? Love them!

BUY: This outfit.

GO: Now that the weather is getting cooler, fast, my thoughts have turned to winter getaways! This post is helping to inspire my plans.

What exciting projects have you been working on? Do tell!

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