Sunday Selections

April 19, 2014

Merhaba from Istanbul! I was greeted with Batman masks on the lamps in my hotel room when I checked in. Awesome.

I hope you are having a lovely long Easter weekend and that you’ve eaten too many hot cross buns and Easter eggs — the best way to enjoy Easter!

Batman Mask, Mama Shelter, Istanbul

WATCH: This last week whilst on holidays, I’ve been pouring over Kinfolk Magazine’s beautiful collection of short films, published on their website. These little videos are produced with such love and attention and just transport you away. I must admit that The Oregon Coast and An Ode to Summer are two of my favourites. Check them out!

READ: I’ve just downloaded ‘I Am Malala’ by  Pakistani teenager, Malala Yousafzai, onto my Kindle. What an incredible, inspiring and intelligent young woman. Malala’s memoir tells the story of her experience having been shot point-blank through the head by a Taliban gunman while she was riding the school bus home. Miraculously, she not only survived the shooting, but is using her experience and subsequent publicity to bring global awareness to the issue of every woman’s right to an education. Speaking at such forums as the United Nations and Harvard University and having met with Queen Elizabeth II as well as President Barack Obama, aside from the fact that she is the youngest nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize ever, this young woman will undoubtedly make a positive difference in this world.

COOK: Whilst I welcome spring in Berlin with open arms and have been in awe of how much beauty and colour is in the city right now, last week’s weather was more than a little changeable (as spring tends to be). It was cold, windy and it even hailed last week! A little disappointing. A home-cooked, rustic, comforting meal was what I craved and so I cooked up this Jamie Oliver one-tray bake. Pancetta, olives, cherry tomatoes and chicken were involved, all slow-roasted in the oven. And oh yes, did it do the trick.

MAKE: I love these practical ideas to create your own urban garden if you are an apartment rather than a house dweller. Space is always an issue. This selection of functional tips will help your green thumb grow.

DREAM BUY: Wouldn’t it just be so special to bring home a traditional Turkish carpet that has been hand-crafted in Istanbul? Especially from a place such as Arsah. When I was in India, I did that very thing, shipping a gorgeous hand-made carpet home to Australia, made by a husband and wife over a few months. It’s such a precious item to me and I think another one from Istanbul would be lovely. Monetarily, it’s probably not the highest priority right now, but maybe one day when we come back to this little corner of the world.

BUDGET BUY: Istanbul is cheap folks! Ben and I have been enjoying all manner of indulgences for just a few Lira all over town. Think freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, the best kebabs in town, and fresh fish burgers from the bustling Karaköy fish market, all for under 5 TL each. That’s less than 2 Euros. Score.

GO: You MUST come to Istanbul one day if you have the means. I only arrived yesterday morning but it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places in Europe (or Asia, depending which side of the Bosphorus you’re standing on)! Posts to follow shortly.

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