Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections

September 6, 2015

This weekend has just been full of love. Today, my best friend in all of Berlin celebrated her baby shower, since she is due to have her first bub in a month from now. Let me tell you, friends, this little baby is so loved already. I picked up a couple of little gifts from a baby store the other day and the cuteness was just too much to handle in that little place. I’m too excited about the arrival of this little one and think know he/she is going to be spoilt rotten by his/her Berlin family and that’s totally okay. That’s what families are for, right?

In other news, one of Ben’s closest friends arrived in Berlin last week, which he’s super happy about. He’s also an artist, so they have been happily nerding out over art, inspiration, projects, collaborations and the like for the last couple of days. Isn’t it just the greatest thing ever, as an expat, when you have visitors from back home? It’s always such fun showing others our world over here.

Next week we’re off to London for a few days while Ben presents at an event. I’m tagging along of course — would I really decline an invitation to London? Of course not! He’ll be busy networking for most of our stay so I’m happy enough to be on my own, hunting out the best coffee and exploring some of the neighbourhoods. I’ll be bringing you loads of updates on Instagram, so be sure to follow along!

Brandenburger Tor

Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: This video on the Congo is so beautifully evocative.

READ: What travel advice would you give someone? Here is a selection of the best pieces of advice from travel experts.

EAT: I made this beet hummus today for the baby shower and it was yummy.

MAKE: How great are these light fixtures? Love them!

BUY: I snagged the perfect fall essential last week on sale from ASOS. So cosy!

GO: I’m off to London on Thursday and this post has got me planning some fun photo locations.

Hope your week ahead is sunny and happy x

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