This past week in Berlin has been swelteringly hot. The U-Bahn has been an oppressive oven crammed with sticky, red-faced commuters, the queues for ice cream have sometimes been twenty-people long, and the shady parks have been jam-packed with Berliners stripped down to their bikinis or even underwear. You see, the vast majority of Berliners don’t have air-conditioning in their flats, since most of the year is on the chiller rather than the scorching side. I don’t mind the heat too much, I must admit. It reminds me of home. Ben and I have a rule here in Berlin, too. We’re not allowed to complain about the heat. We can’t allow ourselves to take it for granted or to wish it away. Soon enough, summer will pass, the leaves will begin to fall and the interminable winter will descend once more. No, I’m relishing these long, summer days.

Last week we escaped the city, jumped on a train and headed south to the lake district, which is only about an hour outside of Berlin. We spent the day exploring Schlactensee, a much quieter, leafy and peaceful lake than nearby Wannsee. We walked in the cool shade, sipped on some refreshing drinks at the Biergarten on the water and had a little play with our new camera.


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: One of my friends is in Istanbul at the moment and her updates combined with this video I stumbled upon, have me itching to go back!

READ: You may have seen on Instagram that Ben and I just upgraded our camera to the Nikon D750. I’m having a great time experimenting with all of the manual settings and learning lots about photography. It can be a bit overwhelming through! I discovered these fabulous photography cheat sheets to help me.

EAT: Cheese is one of my most favourite things in the world and this recipe is making me drool all over my keyboard.

MAKE: This project would come in handy for all those photographers and bloggers out there!

BUY: I NEED this dress.

GO: I’m off to Frankfurt next weekend on a press trip with a hotel. Hopefully I get a chance to see some of the city while I’m there — keep your eye on Instagram for updates!