Sunday Selections

January 11, 2015

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, what with a little trip to Amsterdam over Christmas, our best friends spending a fun week with us, as well as ringing in the New Year on a pretty awesome Berlin rooftop. But holidays don’t last forever, otherwise they wouldn’t be called holidays, right? It was back to work for me, like most people, on Monday and I’ve spent the week trying to adjust: waking up early, getting back in a healthy eating regime and hitting the gym again.

Today (just like the entire past week) was grey, windy and drizzly and this little cup of heaven was the only thing that would do. I hope you treated yourself on your Sunday, my dears.

Coffee at Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin

WATCH: This beautifully produced video by filmmaker Brendon Li showcases daily life in the foothills of the Himalayas, the source of the river Ganges. This footage brings back such vivid memories of my travels to India a few years ago.

READ: After last week’s tragedy in Paris in which three armed extremists stormed the office of French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo and killed 12, artists around the world have united, responding with their own weapon: art. This collection of cartoons from around the world illustrates exactly what underpins art and journalism: freedom of speech and freedom of press.

EAT: Have any of you discovered, the Airbnb of food? What a memorable travel experience it would be to connect with locals in this way — sampling delicious food prepared lovingly in their own homes.

MAKE: I like this idea for creating a hanging pendant light over a bedside table. Do you?

BUY: Berlin has been nothing but grey and drizzly for the past week and I’m wishing the snow would return! I’m feeling as though a pair of these rain boots should belong in my wardrobe.

GO: Who needs a hotel when you could wake up to these views for free?

Hoping that your week holds a few rays of sunshine!

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