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March 23, 2014

I can’t believe we’ll be heading back to Berlin tomorrow! The past two and a half weeks have flown by. Saying goodbye to our lovely family and friends is always the hardest part, but I have to say that I’m also pretty excited about the opportunities that the rest of 2014 will bring.

Lonely Planet Magazine

WATCH: HBO’s new production, True Detective, is the talk of the town right now and I must admit, I’m hooked. With a stellar cast featuring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, whose performances are of the highest class, the production value of the series is exceptional. Season one follows the story of two Louisiana State Police homicide detectives’ hunt for a serial killer across the timespan of seventeen years. There is an eerie tone within the complex structure of the production which makes for great viewing. I’ve only had the opportunity to watch a couple of episodes so far but I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

READ: I was so excited to get my hands on some English language magazines upon returning home to Australia. When I saw the cover of the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine above, I just had to buy it. With a feature of ’52 Best Weekend’s Away’ which includes some of the must-visit destinations on my travel wish-list for 2014, how could I resist? This heavenly description of Granada in southern Spain makes me want to pack my bags right now!

‘With the shadows of late afternoon lengthening, a soft lilt of birdsong mingles with the raucous laughter of schoolboys playing with marbles in the shade. Around them sunlight reflects off mosaics adorning centuries-old fountains. Arched cedar doors are set deep into white-washed walls carved intricately with geometric designs. And from secret walled gardens wafts the scent of figs, pomegranates and plums, the fruit hanging low from overladen boughs. Underfoot, the long mule steps are awkward to anyone on two feet — a throwback to the days when pack animals plied these narrow lanes.’

COOK: Back in Melbourne, I always used to be stuck for ideas for yummy and healthy work lunches. Luckily I don’t have to worry about lunches anymore, as one of the perks of my new job is a healthy midday meal provided for both students and teachers. How great! For those of us still struggling, however, here are 20 great ideas for lunch in a box.

MAKE: Aren’t these DIY paper succulents brilliant? I’d love to make a few of these for our apartment! How succulent-realistic my attempt would be, however, is another question!

DREAM BUY: Now that spring has finally found it’s way to Europe, I’m looking forward to a change in footwear. All of my pairs of boots have been worn to death over the past six months. It’s still too cool for flats, but I’ve fallen in love with the perfect in-between shoe: brogues! These hand-crafted Electric Curbside brogues by Wootten are just divine and I especially adore them in ‘Malva’. Ben went to University with Jess Cameron-Wootten, lead cobbler and owner of this beautiful business. I hope I can afford a pair of hand-made shoes one day. In the meantime, I’ve settled for a pretty cute pair from Wittner.

BUDGET BUY: I am so happy to get my hands on my favourite, affordable skincare brand, Simple, again as I could never seem to find it in Germany. I have super sensitive skin and really need to use products that are completely free of fragrance and colour, otherwise my skin protests with angry rashes, blotchiness and dryness. I love their Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream (SPF 15) and the matching Night Cream.

GO: Can you tell that Granada is pretty high up on my wanderlust wish list right now? I’m thinking a four-day weekend in late May, before the temperatures climb too high. Sounds perfect.

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