mothe'rs day flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mummas out there. Tell me, what did you do today to celebrate your mum? Our family brunched because, well, brunch is almost everyone’s favourite thing to do on weekends. My mum came and sister came to my neighbourhood and we ate, chatted, made some furry friends and celebrated our lovely mum. The other lovely thing about Mother’s Day is that I have two mums to celebrate now so we had a coffee date with Ben’s mum and grandma on this rainy morning. Double the love.

So what caught your eye this week? While I’m always sharing my favourite internet goodies with you every weekend, I’d love for you to send me any links that YOU LOVED too! Shoot them my way in the comments or tweet me — I’d love to know!

mothers day flowers

Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Book me a ticket to Hawaii please.

READ: Have you seen some of the entries for this year’s National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest? Unbelievable. There’s still a month to enter so get your best travel photos in!

EAT: Ben has been nagging me all week to whip up some tasty protein-rich treats. I think I found the perfect recipe. Anything with peanut butter has me weak at the knees.

MAKE: We went a little crazy this week filling our apartment with (even more) indoor plants. This article on finding the perfect plants for your home gave us a little inspiration.

BUY: I’m heading to the tropics in a couple of weeks and already on the hunt for some beachy wardrobe additions like this.

GO: Next weekend I’m off to Adelaide with the gorgeous Emma Kate to review The Watsonan Art Series hotel, and have a bit of an indulgent weekend in the Adelaide Hills. I can’t wait since this will be my first time in this city.

Catch you from Adelaide next week!