Lune Croissants

How’s things? Things are freaking fantastic over here! Wanna know why? This photo is why. Yesterday, my friend and I crawled out of bed before the sun rose to head to Lune Croissanterie on a mission to procure a box of these buttery delights before they sold out. Turns out we weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea. We joined the back of the queue which stretched down the street and (not so) patiently waited 1.5 hours to get our hands on these beauties. A ridiculous amount of time to wait for croissants, some might say. But taking that first bite into the unfathomably flaky pastry, all queueing nightmares melted away instantly. These are the best darn croissants I’ve ever had in my life. Yep, better than in Paris. It’s no wonder that the New York Times recently declared that Lune might just make ‘the world’s best croissant’ that is ‘worth a trip across the dateline for’. I might just have to agree.

Other things? Nothing else too exciting in comparison to croissants. We bought some more furniture and household appliances. Our apartment is starting to feel homely now, which is so nice. I wish I could show you some more on Snapchat (deptofwandering), but I’m chewing through my mobile phone data like no tomorrow — our internet still hasn’t been connected — so I’m trying really hard not to snap right now. Hope to show you more soon!

Lune Croissants

Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Why are we so afraid of failure? Isn’t it better to say ‘oops’ rather than ‘what if’? J.K. Rowling, in her Harvard commencement speech, reminds us that inadequacy is nothing to be ashamed of and, rather, it’s necessary to vault our dreams.

READ: Fitzroy, the neighbourhood next door to me, has just been named one of the 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world. I love it lots and lots too.

EAT: Lusting over this acai bowl of goodness and feeling chuffed at the lovely words about Australia too.

MAKE: I need one of these in my life (and my new apartment).

BUY: A few days ago I bought my very own desk! This is quite exciting for me since I’ve never had my own dedicated working space, instead having to force myself to work at the kitchen table, on the couch or in cafes. But now that I have my own nook, all I can think about is decorating it and making it a space I feel inspired to work in. Something like this would do wonders.

GO: I just booked a cheeky getaway to Adelaide in a couple of weeks to go hang with the loveliest Emma Kate Co. to winery hop, indulge and just generally get up to no good (our speciality). I can’t wait to finally visit this city since I’ve never been before. If you’ve got tips, please shoot them my way!