This weekend is super-duper extra exciting for me. Yesterday we picked up the keys to our brand new apartment! Well, technically, it’s not brand new, since it’s a warehouse conversion in a 19th century historical building, but hey, it’s OUR new place. The last week was a bit of a whirlwind of inspections, applications, rejections and then happy dances because we got one on pretty much my favourite street in all of Melbourne. This is the same neighbourhood we used to live in before moving to Berlin three years ago and well, I just can’t get enough of it. We’re surrounded by seriously good cafes on every corner, some of Melbourne’s best-quality food, boutique and vintage shops, pubs and just general all-round greatness.

To be honest, it was a bit of a scary thing to sign a 12-month lease since we’ve been running away from commitment basically for the past three years, but we have come to the realisation that we do need a home base: somewhere where we can have all our things, that feels like home and that allows us to get our work done. Don’t get me wrong — there will still be a TONNE of hop, skipping and jumping around the Australia and the general world (scroll down to see where I’m heading next on the sidebar!), but it does get a bit tiring not having a permanent address after a while. This weekend we’ve been moving our first things in and figuring out what we have and don’t have. You might have seen a tiny sneak peek on snapchat (deptofwandering), but I can’t wait to give you a proper tour when it’s all set up!


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. This video went viral this week and it’s not hard to understand why.

READ: Ben and I are beginning to think about planning our wedding now that we’re back together in Australia. I loved this couple’s post on 11 superlatives from our first year of marriage. Sweet.

EAT: I’m missing Mexican food so badly. Although there’s nothing like the real deal, this recipe does make my mouth water!

MAKE: Now that we have moved into our new apartment, I’m full of ideas as to how we can make it our own. This quick diy would be perfect for my desk.

BUY: My mind’s going in a million directions with all the fun possibilities for decorating! This would be perfect for the living area.

GO: I’ve never been to Australia’s Northern Territory, but Melissa Findley’s beautiful photos from her recent time there have given me renewed inspiration to explore the top end.