Happy weekend, friends! What have you been up to since we spoke last? I’ve had a quiet time here in Melbourne catching up on work all on my lonesome. Ben’s still in LA and while he’s still there, I can be as messy as I like with no one to answer to. I may be still yet to unpack my suitcase from LA… I just hate unpacking. It’s the worst part of travelling. The excitement of the trip is over, the post-trip depression has set in and all you’re left with is a bunch of dirty washing (aside from all those precious new memories, of course). I better get my clean on soon though. That washing isn’t going to wash itself.

So now that I’m back home in Melbourne, it’s probably time I started to think about the wedding again and make a start on the planning. Since we want to have a destination wedding, it’s only natural that step one is location scouting, right? I may have booked a sneaky trip up to tropical north Queensland in the name of ‘research’ this afternoon… If you have any wedding planning tips, please send any and all to me — I’m desperate for all the advice I can get! In the meantime, here’s a picture of Brooklyn in NYC because I’m missing it so much already.


Here are this week’s favourite links:

WATCH: I’m so lucky to have found someone who just wants to embark on a lifetime of adventures with me. I’m already looking forward to our honeymoon and we haven’t even planned the wedding yet! I want to escape to the wild like this couple did. So perfect.

READ: There are shockingly 33 million fewer girls in primary school around the world than boys. Here are 50 captivating photos that show girls thriving at school around the world.

EAT: I’m dying over these hand-painted macarons. W-O-W.

MAKE: This is just so freaking cool.

BUY: This is so high up on my wishlist! Adore!

GO: Speaking of the wild, I want to get lost out here.