After a surprisingly good 24-hour flight back to Berlin last Tuesday (strong painkillers are the key to getting a half-decent slumber on long-hauls I tell you!), Ben and I have been slowly easing ourselves back into Berlin life.

Our fridge was in a sad state after three weeks away and so a trip to the Turkish Market in Kreuzberg was a pretty high priority to stock up on fresh fruit and veg. I can never quite believe how cheap the produce is at this market and it’s so easy to buy far more than you need!

Turkish Market Canal

Turkish Market 1

I returned to Berlin a coffee addict (surprise surprise) after being spoilt rotten in Melbourne with the world’s best coffee. This is not a good thing considering that now that I’ve started my new job, I MUST have a coffee before I can function properly in the morning. Not good. But what can you do? We headed to our favourite cafe, The Barn, almost as soon as we touched down.

Ben at the Barn

It was Ben’s birthday on Saturday and his choice of birthday nourishment was a chilli-cheeseburger at Burgermeister-a Berlin institution. Served under the railway tracks and from a former public toilet block, it’s a super cool place to hang out for a bite on a warm afternoon.

Burgermeister 1

Burgermeister 2

I can’t wait to get out and about some more now that spring has safely arrived!