First Trimester Purchases

While I didn’t buy anything for the baby until I reached the second trimester in case I jinxed it (not that you can!), I did buy a few things for myself. I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as could be and I also felt my body changing almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant! From stretchy clothes to fresh ginger for my terrible nausea, here’s a look at my essential first trimester purchases.

My first trimester purchases: What I bought

Vitamins and supplements

Prenatal vitamins

I’d already been on prenatal vitamins for about six months as my doctor advised me to start taking them before we started trying. Since it was even more important to take them now that I was actually pregnant, I made sure that I had a good supply of them in the cupboard. I went with this brand.

High-strength DHA

Taking a high-strength omega-3 fish oil supplement has SO MANY benefits and I’ve been on them daily for many years. Not only are they great for my overall health but they’re especially important to take in pregnancy. Studies show that they protect against a number of pregnancy-related complications including preterm labour and pre-eclampsia. DHA is also crucial for the neurological and visual development of the baby – a win win! I take a 3000mg supplement daily and these are the ones I take.



Stretchy pants

Even though it was all bloat, my pants refused to button up from about week five! I used the old elastic band trick for as long as I could but come week eight, the zip wouldn’t do up either. It was all well and good while the weather was still warm because I could get away with floaty dresses and comfy shorts. Soon enough though, we started to get our first cold days and I had to bite the bullet and buy my first pair of maternity jeans.

I also bought a pair of maternity activewear leggings. I couldn’t wear my regular ones anymore since they had a very tight, high waistband. The way they pressed into my belly hurt so much. While I was really hesitant to buy maternity clothes so early on, I was just becoming too uncomfortable. I couldn’t fight it anymore!


You always hear that pregnant women have sore boobs. I’m telling you, it’s no joke! Wearing a normal, underwire bra became so uncomfortable. The best part of the day was when I got home and could rip it off! I ordered a few seam and wire-free bras online that I’ve been living in non-stop since.

Fun pjs for our announcement

We wanted to do something fun for our pregnancy announcement so I couldn’t resist ordering a pair of ‘Oh Baby’ pjs for a bit of a laugh. They’re super comfy and soft so I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them A LOT in the coming months!

Shop my style:



Stretch mark lotion

I wanted to do everything I could to prevent stretch marks (although they’re probably inevitable I know). Around week 10 I purchased a tube of Gaia Belly Butter. It’s an Australian, cruelty-free brand that uses gentle and completely safe ingredients. I’ve been rubbing it into my belly every morning after my shower and it feels so rich and nourishing. Hopefully it helps keep those stretch marks away. We’ll see!



Organic produce

I’ve always tried to buy organic produce as much as possible but since becoming pregnant, it’s more important to me than ever. I hate the idea of ingesting toxic chemicals and pesticides and for them to reach our baby. We’ve got a really great organic farmer’s market right near us which makes it easy to stock up on all the good things.

All the ginger

I was battling pretty bad nausea in the first trimester (read more here). One of the only things that made me feel better was ginger…and lots of it. I stocked the fridge with ginger beer and I pretty much cleared the supermarket out of its ginger root supply for a good few months there.

Salt ‘n vinegar chips

Okay, I’ll be honest. I have a weakness for salt ‘n vinegar chips generally, not just when I’m pregnant! But in pregnancy, my cravings were so much more INTENSE. I just really craved intensely flavourful foods and salt ‘n vinegar chips just hit the spot like nothing else. Not the healthiest snack, I know but you can’t fight the cravings!



Eco-friendly cleaning products

Since most cleaning products contain so many harsh chemicals and fumes, pregnant women need to be really careful when using them to avoid inhaling them or absorbing them through the skin. Since there are so many wonderful natural, eco-friendly products on the market now, I switched all of ours over. Most products we now use are from Ecostore or Earth Choice and are formulated from gentle and safe, plant-based ingredients.

BPA-free food storage

In my first trimester, I also went through all our old tupperware and food storage containers, checking that they were BPA-free. Exposure to BPAs in high levels has been linked to birth defects and miscarriage, so I wanted to make double sure that we weren’t using products that contained these.



Pregnancy journal

Journaling has always been important to me, hence why I love blogging so much! I kept a journal during the last pregnancy, which I am so grateful for because it meant that I had something to treasure and look back on when saying goodbye. I bought a new journal when I found out I was pregnant this time too. I saw this one online and knew I had to have it.


I thought that it would be fun to buy a letterboard for the photos we’d be taking during my pregnancy. I think it’s a great way to add a little something extra to our photoshoots. We’ve used it a couple of times so far and I’m excited to use it more as the weeks go on.

Pregnancy milestone cards

Again, I thought that pregnancy milestone cards would make for some cute, styled photos. I loved the simple, monochrome design of these ones I found on Etsy from a local designer here in Melbourne. I love incorporating them into flat lays and pairing them with ultrasound pictures or cute baby clothes.

Now that I’m in my second trimester, the baby shopping has begun! I’m looking forward to sharing with you what I’ve bought soon.

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What I Bought in the First Trimester

I’d love to know what first trimester purchases you made! Tell me in the comments below.

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