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After almost two years of living in Germany, I’m beginning to notice a couple of changes in myself. That’s right, a few of my Australian habits are disappearing! Last week I had an article published on Matador Network that I wanted to share with you guys. I’m currently enrolled as a student at Matador U, Matador Network’s school for travel writing, photography and filmmaking, and the wonderful editorial staff through my Fundamentals of Travel Writing course helped me get this article up and published on one of the world’s biggest travel media sites.

Here’s a little snippet:

6 Australian Habits I Lost in Germany

1. Firing up the barbie in the park

It’s a stereotype, but it’s true: Aussies love a good barbie. The practice of firing it up on a balmy arvo is a summertime ritual. Not so in Germany. In order not to offend the nostrils of other park-goers with the nauseating aroma of charcoaled meat (who can stomach it, really?), in the majority of public places grilling is ‘verboten’. If you want to get your grill on, you’ll have to head to one of the small handful of designated ‘grilling zones’ across the city. And you better play by the rules — offending others with your barbecue smoke may cost you a hefty fine if caught.

Read the full article on Matador Network here.


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