COMMUNITY RULES: The Department of Wandering’s Laptop Army

Thanks for wanting to join The Department of Wandering’s Laptop Army, our private Facebook community! To ensure that our group keeps moving along in the right direction, please abide by the following rules and we’ll all stay happy.

Community rules:

1. Keep promotions in check

The Department of Wandering’s Laptop Army is not a promotional, spammy group. It is a place to learn, connect and support one another through discussion. If you’re just looking for a place to dump your links and run, this isn’t the place for you.

Please don’t post isolated promo links to your content, social media accounts, products or affiliate links. If, however, someone starts a thread looking for help on a topic and you happen to have something relevant, feel free to post it in your reply in this instance. There is a weekly Friday sharing thread where you are welcome and encouraged to promote your content. Please save it for these times.

2. Keep it nice

The Department of Wandering’s Laptop Army is a place to encourage, inspire, motivate and help one another. We lift each other up in this group, not bring each other down so keep it nice.

3. Do not use Facebook Live

Facebook Live can only be used by admins. Please don’t try and host your own.

4. Keep posts on topic

This Facebook group revolves around blogging, digital media, online business, freelancing and social media. Please keep all posts related to these topics. As cute as your dog might be, save it for your private page!


Following the above guidelines will ensure that you can stay a part of this wonderful community.

Chat to you in The Department of Wandering’s Laptop Army soon!